What’s Past is Prologue

What better way to reengage in blogging that to ease in with Shakespeare?  In future writing, he’ll help me emphasize points about decision making, problem solving and humility. Today though, in a very few words, he summarizes how to re-begin. How fitting is that?

“What’s past is prologue,” he noted 400 years ago in The Tempest.  Essentially, all you and I have done until now put us here.  The good, the bad, the ugly choices and actions of our past place us in our present and will guide what we choose to do next.

With my work’s Purpose being to offer ways to lead, collaborate, and communicate better, I plan for each of these blogs (along with the rest of my upcoming work) to engage you to pause, to reflect, and to practice changing.  After all, if you’re a deeply gifted communicator who has it all figured out in this world, you’re likely not reading this blog or giving much thought at all about how to change.  You’re not here.

For the reader who is curious, and is willing to embrace that she hasn’t figured out and wants to feel more productive and connected in her conversations, I invite you to be here now.

Here’s how the blog will often work: I will create and share a question from what I see and hear in my day-to-day work with Clients and my watching and listening to the moments I find myself in.

In that question, a specific, likely different behavior will emerge. You will keep track as informally or formally as you choose of your answer. Feel free to share with me what you find. Each question will be designed to place you in the present and to productively effect what’s next.  You ready?

  • Listen to yourself. Really listen to yourself.   For one week.  At the end of the day, ask and answer yourself the following question:  As I review today, did I talk more than I listened or did I listen more than I talked?

Remember (and don’t forget) however you’ve chosen to engage yourself and others in the past has put you right here.

Now what?

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